Page 29

And so, a pact is made!

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6 thoughts on “Page 29

  1. “Every tea dragon’s tea will produce this effect, but normally it would only show the memories of the primary caretaker of the dragon. The blend of two tea works when two tea dragons, and their owners, have shared much of their lives together!”

    Fascinating! I see that the memory in question is Hesekiel’s and Erik’s first meeting. Would a tea dragon with a singular “primary caretaker” display the first meeting of itself and its caretaker? Or is the memory essentially selected at random? Are there other parameters determining which memory is shown to the drinker, and can they be manipulated?

    1. I think it would be their first meeting! So if it’s one teadragon’s tea then it would be the first time they met their caretaker, but I’m not sure!

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