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With that, our story reaches it’s close – that’s the last page! Thank you all SO MUCH for your support and kind words throughout this gentle journey, it has been such a privilege sharing my work with such a receptive and lovely audience. I’ve had a wonderful time making this comic!

For those wondering – the book version (which you can see pictures of here!) will be available in local comics shops from October 19, and in bookstores and on Amazon on October 31! You can even pre-order it on Amazon right here.

I was extremely happy that so many people were interested in hearing more tales of the Tea Dragons, and that’s exactly what I intend to make! I’ll be beginning work towards the next book in the next couple of months, and you’ll be able to see progress and character sketches over on my Patreon under the sketchbook tier! You can also see the work on my current book project, which is about magical seahorse-like guardians of the sea.

If you would like email updates about how to obtain the book as well as further Tea Dragons projects (think plushies!) you can sign up to a newsletter here.

Thank you once again for sharing this story with me, and be sure to take the time to enjoy a cup of tea today!


14 thoughts on “Page 46

  1. I can not thank you enough for making this comic. My two favorite things are probably tea and dragons, and it was so wonderful to see them combined in such a sweet, touching, and absolutely gorgeous comic every week. I can’t wait to have a copy on my shelf.

  2. Thank you so much! I enjoyed this immensely, everything from your original concept, beautiful art, lovable characters, and the gentle kind-heartedness of the story. Looking forward to more!

  3. This was so lovely! I bought Princess Princess as soon as it hit shelves, and I’m looking forward to doing the same with this one! I’m excited to see what you do next!

  4. I somehow managed to find this for the first time just a few days after it finished. It’s a little sad that it’s over, but I really enjoyed my time with these characters and look forward to future stories involving tea dragons. Thank you for making such a nice story.

  5. This was such a beautiful comic! Thank you so much for sharing, I looked forward to every update! Can’t wait until I can buy the physical version. 🙂 It’s so great to see a sweet, soft, queer story, and with dragons and beautiful art!

  6. oh my goodness godness gracious wow wow wow wowsers i just now read through it all in one go and i am crying because this is so good, everything about this is so good. the world is so wonderful and interesting and the world building was done so beautifully, although i long for more and am filled with sadness that these particular characters will not get continue as a main focus in your aspiring projects (which i am now so dearly looking forward to), i am just so full to the brim with satisfaction and just.. warm love feelings,,, happiness? i haven’t felt this at ease and so softly inspired and just.. calm for such a long time. actually just.. i can’t even remember the last time. i’ve been having.. a real hard time for a real long time actually.. as most people unfortunately, in times like these.. things are just so hard. but.. this story, and i mean also the story telling!! it is so beautiful and inspires me so much!! the way you expressed moods and feelings of the scene and the characters with the flowers??? i….. i am so deeply in love with it. i feel like just reading this has meant so utterly much to me that i can’t even express everything that i am feeling and i am just feeling, for once it feels like… just…. how completely lgbt safe and full of love this story is. the characters are just….. the relationships are just……. and such grand and so very awesome representation and diversity this comic and story has…. everything about this i just love. it is just so much of everything i dream and love and want to create and think about..! katie…. thank you so incredibly much you absolutely wonderful creator and person.

    katie this might be weird but… i just have so much love and respect for you. thank you for creating this.. everything with this. i can’t tell you how much this just made my life almost but it has definitely changed me for the better..
    because also.. to portray a character that has such struggles with memory loss who feel like they can’t remember anything also just… that speaks to me so much. i have forgotten so many things, because of trauma, depression, and various other diagnoses that have blurred so much of my mind, and continues on doing.
    i was also a bit afraid that maybe when minette would drink the tea (hadn’t got that far yet when I worried), that it would lead to her getting panicked or even getting mentally overloaded, or even worse.. idk i was in some ways “so sure” that the characters were going to have a fight or a misunderstanding and/or just for something traumatic to happen and for there to be a bit of tear on their trust for a moment, before it gets to the end like sort of the 3/4 there, as like the sort of.. the usual used way stories build up, which i just think more and more about how that isn’t.. that’s not the /ultimate way/. and there doesn’t even need to be the so called “ultimate way”. that every story does not have to be fit in the sort of confining way that that can be. and that webcomics, don’t have to run for 8 years to be good, or to force characters mistreat each other and be bad to each other, just to create tension or drama, in the sense i am meaning here.
    these are obvious things to most maybe.. i thought they were to me too, but when i look at the content i create, sometimes i get stuck in some of these patterns thinking sort of that “this is the only interesting stories” but it’s not, and i don’t even believe that, but some parts of me just unconsciously feel bad whenever i stray from those concepts.
    it is a similar feeling (not on the same level of course), about how i feel about my gender and attraction identities. i struggle with them, i unconsciously feel bad for not being a certain way, for example, i have struggled with feeling forced to be attracted to men. and i just… i don’t. and parts of me can be like “oh but maybe you’re just like that because of trauma. maybe you should not “lock yourself off” but i just..

    ….. just noticed how way off topic i have become. uh.. i can’t quite remember what i was getting at,,, or if i just lost the red wire on the way.. i never was good at sewing. (or having coherent thoughts AHEM)
    anyway thank you thank you thank you for existing katie, and making but also sharing your wonderful creativity, imagination, kindness and just hard work.
    i so in the future want to support you the best i can via patreon, buying your books and art and stuff like that!! you really deserve it so much. thank you, again. you’ve given me so much, and many others i bet too. KATIE YOU’RE A REAL INSPIRATIE!

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