Greta Portrait


Favourite tea: Cinnamon tea with goatsmilk

A young blacksmith apprentice, learning from her mother who is a master at the art. Although strong and skillful, Greta isn’t entirely sure what purpose blacksmithing serves in the modern day…

Min Portrait


Favourite tea: Chamomile tea with rose

A mysterious young girl who lives at the teahouse with Hesekiel and Erik. Minette has a close bond with Chamomile, though seems wary of new people and a little bit flighty.

Hese Portrait


Favourite tea: Jasmine tea with fernroot

A wise tea-merchant and proprietor of the teashop. Hesekiel would love nothing more than to pass his knowledge of tea dragon raising along, but worries the world has moved on from such things.

Erik Portrait


Favourite tea: Rooibos tea with honey

Once an intrepid adventurer, Erik now maintains and fixes up the tea house and runs a strict vegetable garden. His bravery, courage and kindness still shine through, offering protection to all.