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A few people seemed to be startled by the start of the epilogue – yes, the comic is drawing to a close! I felt that I had said what I needed to with these characters, and it was always intended as a children’s graphic novel that also happened to be serialised as a webcomic, for which purpose the length is just right. I am thankful that everyone has gotten so attached to the cast and would like to see more of the world! And I do intend to explore it further, in another book.

14 thoughts on “Page 42

  1. I know that I was a bit startled! It feels like the time has just flown past! I will definitely be looking forward to any new stories you have for us from the world of Tea Dragons! ♥

  2. Will there be more tea-dragon society stories in the future, with different characters? I’d love there to be like a network of them all over your world, with newsletters and guides being mailed back and forth between them.

  3. A purple dragon… I’m not familiar with any sort of tea with that coloration. Besides of course flavored teas that really want to sell blueberry-ness or something.

  4. It’s a mark of good story-telling when your audience longs for more.

    Your tale, your world, certainly leave me with that longing. And what a sweet thing it is! If there were no longing for more, that would mean I had never gotten any good stories.

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