Hi everyone!

Just a notice that the comic will be taking a hiatus for a month or so! I will be travelling from May 8th until June 5th, so I thought that between chapters would be a good place to pause.

Thank you SO much for reading and supporting the comic everyone! I’m so thrilled with the response, and I read your comments every week with such a smile on my face! I really appreciate you all taking the time to say such wonderful things, and for caring about the characters and the story. I’m so looking forward to returning on June 12th!

Thank you for your patience, have a good month!

17 thoughts on “Hiatus!

  1. Oh cute! Hope you enjoy your break then 🙂

    Also this image now just makes me wonder what all the main characters look like as tea dragons.

  2. Have a wonderful time and enjoy yourself! Can’t wait to pick back up the adventure when you return! <3

  3. This story has been so beautiful! It has seriously moved me to tears in just a few pages. It has potential to be absolutely breathtaking and I’m so excited to see more! I hope that you enjoy your travels! ✨

  4. Had a brief panic attack the other day because it said this domain had expired, but I guess you got it back. Enjoy your trip!

  5. I hope your break is fun, travel safe! Also, my birthday is June 12th, so I’m excited to (hopefully!) get an update on my birthday. <3

  6. I can’t wait until the 12th for more cuteness! It’ll be two days after I graduate! Lovely things all at once haha 🙂 , anyway my friends and I will be really happy to see your comic back up.

  7. I’m a newbie here and already fall in love with this story — it’s perfect work! Your style is soo cute and characters are really lively)
    Thank you very much for this comics! (⌒▽⌒) I hope, you’re enjoying your trip.

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